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Funding of the doctorate

IAMO offers two forms of funding for doctoral researchers, self-funding is the exception.

  • Third-party funded or budgeted positions with social insurance contributions (=scientific employees with doctoral projects). Scientific employees with doctoral projects have the opportunity to use part of their contractual working time for their doctoral studies, in addition to their work duties for institute matters or for project work. The salary is based on the pay scale of the "Tarifvertrag für den Öffentlichen Dienst der Länder" (TV-L), usually on the pay level/Entgeltgruppe 13 (TV-L 13). The contractual working time is at least 50%, usually 65% of a full-time equivalent (FTE).
  • Scholarships from IAMO or other funding bodies. Scholarship holders are integrated into the institute as scientific employees with doctoral projects, have access to all institute infrastructure, and a work space. In contrast to scientific employees with doctoral projects, scholarship holders are not obliged to spend part of their working time on institute matters. In principle, they have the right to work exclusively on their doctorate and are given the same opportunities for further qualification as employed doctoral researchers. The scholarship guidelines of IAMO or other funding institutions are the basis of scholarship holders’ contracts.