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Veranstaltungen von Partnern und anderen Einrichtungen

2 and 6 December 2022

(InGrA): Open Science Seminar

These two seminars (from 12am – 2pm)   aim to provide PhD students and Postdocs from different backgrounds and disciplines at the MLU and other research institutions in Halle an opportunity to learn and discuss about various aspects of Open Science (OS). More information and registration details  available here.

8 and 14 November 2022

(InGrA): Clear at glance! Designing Effective Academic Posters

Basic rules of graphic design and layout technique will help you to present your work in a visually well-structured and compelling way. The training shows you how to present your research efficiently and provides time to put directly into practice what you have learned.  More information and registration details  available here.

3-4 November 2022

(Leibniz Association): Research in Social Responsibility – What Does It Mean?
Online (9 a.m. to 12:30 each)

The public interest is increasingly focusing the benefits and impact of research activities. Scientists have to deal with these issues. But how can this be done? The workshop provides some proposals. The workshop addresses researchers from all disciplines. Together, we will discuss various criteria and quick-check questions that can be used to reflect on and to review research processes. More info and registration details here.

28 October 2022

(Scholar Minds and partners): Mental Health and Early Career Researchers - Diversity in Academia: Advances and Challenges

Scholar Minds, the Berlin Cluster of Excellence Science of Intelligence and the Techniker Krankenkasse invite to an online conference on the topic: “Mental Health in Early Career Researchers”. The focus is on vulnerable groups in academia and how mentally healthy working conditions and scientific excellence are compatible. The conference will take place online on October 28th from 10am - 4pm. The event will be held in English, participation is free of charge. You can find all program information and registration details here.

27-28 October 2022

(InGrA): Good Scientific Practice, Negotiation and Conflict Management

The workshop combines Good Scientific Practice (Part 1) with Negotiation & Conflict Management (Part 2). During your doctoral studies you will come into contact with other scientists and collaborate with them. Here negotiation skills can be helpful. This may even prevent potential conflicts with your supervisor. More information and registration details available here.

5-7 October 2022

(AgEconMeet): Early career development seminar for agricultural economists in Europe

With this EAAE seminar  held in Göttingen (Germany), AgEconMeet aims  to provide an in-person platform to gather early career agricultural economists who want to pursue an academic career in Europe and people who are interested in coaching early career stagers. More information and registration details here.

5-7 October 2022

(EAAE): Seminar 181 - Greenhouse gas emissions in the EU agriculture and food sector

The focus of the seminar held in Berlin (Germany) is on concepts, design, adoption and performance of greenhouse gas pricing policies and other market-based instruments in European agriculture and LULUCF. Papers that link experiences from other regions or domains (e.g., the energy sector) to useful lessons for EU agri-food system and its institutions or that provide insights into abatement cost and cost-efficient transformation pathways in this sector are welcome. More information and registration details available here.

22-23 September 2022

(IGZ, HU Berlin & ISDC): 2022 Doctoral Workshop of the Research Group on Development Economics of the German Economic Association

The workshop is organized by Prof. Tilmann Brück and will be held in-person in Berlin, Germany. The aims of the Doctoral Workshop are: to enable advanced doctoral students in development economics at German-language universities to improve their ongoing research; to advise on the preparation of a refereed journal article; to practice academic discussion with like-minded students, and to establish an informal network of young scholars in the field. Deadline for abstract/paper/CV submission: 12 August 2022. More info is available here.


14-15 September 2022

(EAAE): Seminar 182 - Sustainability via biodiverse agri-food value chains

This EAAE Seminar held in Crete (Greece) brings together scholars and researchers that will exchange ideas, practices and research initiatives that cover the current developments in biodiversity, sustainability and the agri-food supply chain. The ultimate goal of these objectives is to assist in policy-making decisions in agriculture and the agri-food industry of the global economy. More information and registration details are available here.

13 & 28 September 2022

(InGrA): “The Art of English Academic Writing” for Natural Scientists

The workshop aims at improving non-native English speakers’ academic writing skills by highlighting typical features and composing elements commonly applied and expected by native speakers of English. More info and application details are available here.

8-9 September 2022

(EAAE): Seminar 183 - Experimental and Behavioural Economics Research in Agri-Food and the Environment

The seminar  held in Zagreb (Croatia) will offer a space for debate, discussion and knowledge exchange among young and senior researchers from different sub-fields interested in experimental and behavioural economic methods both from a methodological or empirical perspective. More information and registration details are available here.