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IGS Workshops

In addition to the courses offered by the Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics  or International Graduate Academy (InGrA), IAMO Graduate School organizes demand-oriented courses that are specifically tailored to the need of IAMO researchers.

+++ Upcoming events +++

24-25 October 2023

Presenting with an impact: improve and practice giving academic presentations

How do you create a memorable academic presentation that retains your audience’s attention? This training will enable participants to become aware of their presentation style and pitfalls when presenting in English, and they will be equipped with practical tools to design and deliver captivating presentations and learn how to speak with confidence, ease, and impact in front of an (international) audience. More infos and registration details are available here.

+++ Past events +++

28-29 June and 18 July 2023

The Art of Scientific Writing

The workshop aims to help early career scientists who are not native English speakers improve their English language scientific writing skills. Input by the trainer is closely intertwined with practical application using examples and exercises, and much space is given to active involvement of participants. More info and registration details are available here.

15 June 2023

Get-together of Research School Network Halle

Doctoral researchers  from graduate schools of the Research School Network Halle are cordially invited to make contacts in a stimulating and relaxed atmosphere that promotes exchange and creates opportunities for cooperation. The event will start at 4 p.m. in IAMO's lecture hall with an interactive workshop on science communication and end with a get-together. PIs and postdocs are welcome to attend! The program and event details are available here. Register here: .

15 June 2023

Grant Writing Workshop 5: Insights into Horizon Europe

Get prepared for the upcoming calls 2024! Get insights in the topics, instruments, calls, challenges. More information and registration details available here.

20 April 2023

Grant Writing Workshop 4: Management tools for your application and project

Learn about the management tools that pave the way to a successful project management.

  • Creating your project plan and project budget (who, what, when, where, how)
  • The data management plan - the importance of open science & open access publishing
  • Manage your project: Timesheets, reporting …
  • Crosscutting issues to consider during application and implementation (career plans, gender issues, ethics, etc.)

More information and registration details available here.

8-9 March 2023

What is Next: Career Planning after PhD

This training gives advanced doctoral researchers insights into the structure of career paths in and outside academia. It supports participants in giving sufficient thought to when and on what basis they should decide for or against a career in science. Participants will also become aware of their personal interests, values and competences and how this knowledge can be used to find the appropriate jobs. More information and registration details here.

16 February 2023

Grant Writing Workshop 3: Sharing experiences

According to reviewers, many research projects do not receive funding because the project was not communicated clearly enough. IAMO colleagues report on their experiences with grant applications with several funders such as BMBF, Horizon, DFG. More information and registration details available here.  

8 December 2022

Grant Writing Workshop 2: How to prepare proposals? The technical point of view

There are different funding bodies and funding instruments for different research purposes. The individual funding organizations have developed application procedures and application forms according to their specific objectives. Understanding the underlying conditions of a call, its formal requirements and the funding organization itself is fundamental for a successful application. More information and registration details available here.

20-21 October 2022

Thesis Defence Training

This workshop is aimed at doctoral candidates who want to engage in intensive preparation for their disputation. With practical tips and exercises, the participants learn how to structure their introductory presentation, how to build up the central argument, how to deal with criticism, "killer-questions", stage fright and black-outs, etc. Up to three participants get the chance to practice their full presentation. More information and registration details here.

13 October 2022

Grant Writing Workshop 1: Find the right research funding for you

Kickstarting your funding search implies several questions. Successful third-party funding is not an end in itself, but should be tailored to your future plans and career phase.

  • How does funding fit in your overall career path?
  • Identify the funding sources that match with your research and your career goals
  • Develop a funding application strategy according to your career path (which funding sources should I target at? In which academic stage?)

More information and registration details available here.

30 March 2022

Get Ready for Successful Media Interaction: Camera Coaching

This practical seminar helps you to get the right wording for explaining your research findings to a non-scientific audience. It prepares you for various interview situations (e.g. background interview to a print journalist, live interview, discussion rounds on the radio/TV).  More information and registration details here.

January-May 2022

Successfully Shaping the Doctoral Phase (online)

A productive and professional supervision relationship makes a decisive contribution to the success of the doctorate. The  joint workshop series by IAMO and Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB)  aims to empower supervisors and doctoral researchers in establishing a fruitful supervision relationship. More information and registration details here.

12-14 July 2021

Media Training for Researchers (online)

Is it possible to be an excellent scientist and still share your expertise on the agricultural and food sector in a way that impacts a broad public audience – including your political counterparts? However, it helps to know some tools of the trade. This workshop provides you with these tools. More information and registration details here.

21-22 October 2020

Basic Principles of Research Design and Strategy

The goal of this course is twofold. First, it should provide an overview about the universe of potential research designs. Second, this course should facilitate doctoral students to be able to see the trade-offs involved in choosing a particular research design in their research projects. More information and registration details here.

28–29 October 2019

Professionalization of PhD Supervision

This 2 days workshop aims to improve the quality of doctoral education, to avoid false selection and dropout, and to establish a highly productive and satisfying supervisory relationship both for the doctoral candidate as well as for the supervisor.